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Tips for advanced players


Now that you’ve properly understood the basics of Splatoon 2 via our previous articles (Beginners and Intermediate Players,  let’s turn our attention to the techniques and good practices that could make the difference in the field.

Let’s start with how to make the most of the map. At any time during battle, you can press the X Button to see an overview of the map that provides lots of useful info, such as the positions of your allies or any Squid Beakons placed by your team. You will also see inked zones change in real time. Top Splatoon 2 players check the map regularly during a match to assess which from which direction the opposing team might strike. At the beginning of a match, you can use the map to see key information like opponents’ position, the weapons they are using and their main abilities.

If an opponent gets splatted or steps in your team’s ink, their position will be revealed on the map for a short time – handy if you’re using long-ranged weaponry and need to keep tabs on your targets.




When your opponents are swimming around in ink, it helps to keep your whits about you. You can detect their whereabouts by keeping an eye out for their splashes as they move around in the ink. In the heat of battle, noticing small details like this can make all the difference!

This is especially true if your opponent is using the Ninja Squid gear ability, which hides a player’s splashes while they’re swimming. You might also be able to identify an foe’s position by carefully observing the light’s reflection on the ink!

There is actually another way to spot an opposing inkling (or Octoling), but this method requires a bit of practice. If an opponent is using the Ninja Squid gear ability, you can still hear the sound of them swimming through the ink if they’re close by!

But what if a player stops and waiting in the ink? If this happens, the player hiding in the ink will make a slight bubble sound. It’s not easy to detect but if you do, you might just be able to get the jump on a incoming ambush!