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Tips for intermediate players


To become an Overachiever Boy or Girl in Splatoon 2, you must master its positioning and movements! And for that reason, we’re showing you several, super practical techniques.

Whilst swimming at full speed through the ink, your character makes small waves on the surface, meaning they can be detected. It’s very subtle, but the eagle eye of an Overachiever Boy or Girl will be able to detect them easily. To combat this problem, you can use the Ninja Squid ability, which removes the splashes across the ink’s surface. But the downside to this bonus it that it reduces your swimming speed by about 10%. It may not seem like much, but in a fast-moving game like Splatoon 2, it’s huge! To compensate for this reduction in speed, you’ll need 2 Swim Speed centred skills, which is important In fact, there is another way to be invisible whilst swimming and it doesn’t require any particular bonus. All you have to do is not swim at full speed: if you only move your Left Stick gently in one direction, your character will remain invisible in your ink. Obviously, you can’t use this technique all the time because it’s important to be fast during combat, but if you want to sneak up on a nearby enemy then this is the ideal trick. If you should have difficulty using the Left Stick to swim slowly, you can gently tap it in one direction and your character will move in fits and starts. Since they’ll be unable to get up to their top speed, they’ll stay camouflaged!

In general, you’ll plunge headlong into Splatoon 2’s action, but sometimes you’ll want to have a look around. And to do that, Overachiever players have found innovative techniques to optimise their movements. Perhaps you know that the Y Button on your controller recentres your character’s camera. It’s really practical for shooting straight again when you get mixed up with the motion controls. And of course, you should know that the Y Button is also very practical when an enemy is approaching from behind and you need to turn round quickly. An average player will simply use their Right Stick or the motion controls to turn their character, but this rather slow movement will liquefy you before you’ve even drawn your weapon. On the other hand, if you point your left analog stick down to change your character’s position (without changing the camera position) and then you tap the Y Button, the camera will automatically re-orient itself in the direction of your character and you’ll have turned round in record time!

This super-practical technique is not the only solution for efficient direction changes. That’s right, the Overachievers have discovered a second trick, called sub-strafing, which allows you to quickly change direction while swimming. It turns out that if you swim at full speed through your ink in one direction and you simply reverse the position of your Left Stick, your character will change direction easily, but the deceleration and turn will be quite slow. To combat that, the trick is to make it seem like you’re going to trigger your sub weapon but cancelling the movement by returning to your ink and changing your direction:

1. Swim at full speed in one direction with the ZL Button,
2. Press the R Button without letting go: your character will put themselves into position to launch their sub weapon,
3. Release the ZL Button and press down again right after changing the direction of your Left Stick: the launch of your sub weapon will be cancelled by going back into your character’s ink,
4. Then release the R Button in order to be able to start again a little further away.

This technique is difficult to master, and learning to do it quickly without accidentally releasing the bomb will take time. But once you’ve mastered the manoeuvre, as well as being able to turn around much quicker, you’ll be able to dance in and out of the ink like an acrobat, and you’ll be particularly hard to see.

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