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What you need to know before playing Splatoon 2


When you first start Splatoon 2, you’ll appear as an Inkling amongst a crowd of many others on Inkopolis Square. In the world of Splatoon 2, all the cephalons like to engage in ink-thirsty battles to defend their territory. You’ll have weapons at hand during your battles to shoot ink onto the ground as well as at your opponents by pressing the ZR Button. You can shoot ink by pressing the trigger… but when your gauge is low, you’ll have to charge it up again by pressing the ZL Button to turn yourself into a squid and start swimming through your own coloured ink. Swimming around as a squid is extremely practical too, as you can move around faster and you’re almost invisible to your enemies.

Each set of weapons contains your main weapon and a very useful Sub Power Up, which can be activated by pressing the R Button, but be careful… it will drain your ink gauge fast! On top of that, once you’ve shot enough ink onto the ground, your Special Charge Up will be full and you’ll be able to activate your Special Power Up by pressing down on the Right Stick. This will enable a powerful attack on your enemies, who can often turn the tables in an online fight!

But you’ll need to be well-equipped to head into battle, so make sure you visit the numerous weapons and equipment shops at your disposal. Your character will always have three pieces of equipment on them: a headwear, a piece of clothing and a footwear. Each piece of equipment will earn you at least one bonus to help you improve one of your skills during your battles. If you join battles online with this equipment on you, you’ll have the chance to unlock extra bonuses, which will also improve and strengthen your game style.

In Splatoon 2 multiplayer you can play many modes like Turf War, which is one of the most popular. This game mode is formed by two teams of four and the aim is to fill the arena you’re in with as much ink as possible. After three minutes, the team whose colour has covered the most turf will win the battle. So, your aim is to fill the ground with ink, but you’re also advised to fire at your opponents and splatter them when you cross paths, as this will cause them to lose time and will give you a definite advantage during the battle! But Regular Battles are not the only game modes available in Splatoon 2. Once you’ve reached level 10, you’ll unlock access to Ranked Battles, which are ranked modes with different rules, where all the cephalons from across the globe come face-to-face to try to come out on top!

If you’re new to Splatoon 2, you might want to try out the single-player Hero Mode to get a hang of the basics. In this solo mode, you’ll be enlisted by Marie, from the Squid Sisters, and will be sent on a mission in the Octarian world to uncover the whereabouts of the Great Zapfish which has gone missing!

Another new feature of Splatoon 2 is the Salmon Run mode, in which the straight-talking Mr. Grizz will enlist you for a seasonal position as egg collector. Alongside three other loyal employees, you’ll have to defend yourselves against three waves of Salmonid attacks and collect the Golden Eggs left behind by the Boss Salmonids. Don’t hold back, as this job is very well paid and the hardest workers can expect a great lot of objects and a lot of in-game Coins!

Finally, once you have properly mastered the way the game works, wait no longer and rise to the challenges set by the Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion DLC, which will draw you into the deepest abyss of a world steeped in mystery. As an Octoling, you must work your way through the range of testing rooms to make it back to the surface. Will you be up to the task?

Everything you need to know about Splatoon 2