Splatoon 2 EU Community Cup #9

07/28/2019 – 07/28/2019

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Welcome to the Splatoon 2 EU Community Cup competition!

Be ready for ink battles!
The Splatoon 2 EU Community Cup welcomes Splatoon 2 teams and players of all levels! This is a community tournament on Toornament above all else, so level doesn’t matter.
Don’t hesitate to take part in the group stages, then in the Alpha and Bravo stages where all teams can continue to compete against each other!

What is Toornament?

Toornament is a platform dedicated to competitive gaming that hosts thousands of tournaments and competitions.
From the community tournaments to the pro events, Toornament provides a solution for organisers to run tournaments, and gives players a good experience while participating.

To participate in Splatoon 2 tournaments, you must have a team of 4 people.
Already have a team? Head directly the Splatoon 2 community Discord 
Looking for teammates? You can find them either on the Splatoon 2 Discord or by filling out the dedicated form. Tournament administrators will help you find them.
Only a full team will be accepted in the tournament. Be sure to have your team before signing up.

  • Random Team

    • RT❈ZaArs
    • OloloshaDB
    • Maxiko
    • RT❈Bazz
  • Chaotic squid's

    • ⭐TidAbiT.χ
    • DollMuse.χ
    • miitara.χ
    • Nevdakha.χ
  • Symphony

    • ♪Pika
    • Thomas
    • ♪tris
    • ♪Firenomix
  • Squid n chips

    • Sirp
    • Signalrumble
    • Lost
    • Alvicias
    • ShawnChair
  • The Splat Family

    • Ṭśƒ+Jinx
    • Ṭśƒ.·.Quacky
    • Ṭśƒ Moo
    • Ṭśƒ☆Smurf
    • Ṭśƒ Dapple
  • Sea Sirens

    • Tobite
    • LXT/dennis
    • Miakade
    • Citro
    • KCD Fliege
  • Typhoon +1

    • Cαяςαησ♪
    • ひか Cαrαmel
    • TLR.DMM
    • ひか Chrono
    • Imp_KFSquid
  • Shark Bytes

    • ld F3l1x
    • Michi☆K
    • λгмιη
    • FlubsYT☆K
    • Gabriel
  • OctoSquids

    • OS-PixlBit
    • OS♪スプラテネル
    • Kaminator
    • YuSnipe
    • OS-Tom
  • Sub Gen

    • Draco
    • Arshee
    • Lunae
    • Ziq
  • фывапролджэ

    • ФП•Mayor
    • ФП•^q^
    • ФП•SAndrey
    • ФП•MKiller
  • Big Agaru

    • Wasabi
    • Throne
    • Rachel
    • てら / Tera
  • Mozartgang

    • м»Darkrai♪
    • Anofu♪
    • ERN_Becc ♪
    • ERN_てかみ♪


Please read all the following rules of the Splatoon 2 EU Community Cup tournaments: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1N63JQzIs5w07UGU9pD_30nyXVXTTfKqt 


– The team captain must be present on the Splatoon 2 community Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/pfSB5dQ at least one hour before the start of the tournament for check-in. You can also get in touch with the organisers and other participants to exchange friend codes.
Reminder that you can use this Discord to find fellow Inklings and Octolings in order to participate in this tournament.

– All players must be at least 7 years of age by the tournament start date in order to take part.

– Substitutions are possible between matches and between rounds of the same game for teams of more than 4 players. They must be announced in advance on the Splatoon 2 community Discord and indicated beforehand on Toornament.

– Spectator mode is strictly reserved for the tournament organisers.